Tom Brady and the Patriots penalty

Recently Tom Brady and the New England Patriots have been penalized for there involvement with deflated balls. Tom Brady who is starting QB for the Patriots will miss the first four games of the season. The team as a whole have lost two draft picks in next years draft they have lost their first round and also their fourth round draft picks and also were fined of one million dollars. Tom Brady has been punished because he asked the ball boy to let some of the air out of the balls via text messaging for the play off game against the Indianapolis Colts as this makes it easier to throw and catch the ball, but the pressure was under regulation for only a small part of the game and I don’t think it would of made a difference as the Patriots smashed the Colts that game. The Patriots got punished as they knew this was happening and they didn’t stop it. I think that the decision was very unfair as it the balls were deflated for such a small amount of the game I don’t think the Colts would of won the game anyway. So to give a punishment that harsh isn’t justified in my opinion and the punishment should only be a fine and Tom Brady should miss one game not a quarter of the regular season.

Jameis Winston at the Buccaneers

Jameis Winston went first overall pick in this years draft and he was selected by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. most people including myself thought that the Buccaneers would take Jameis Winston as they need a franchise QB. Which is a Quarter Back that is going to be there for many years and hopefully lead the team to a Superbowl victory. The reasoning for so many people expecting Jameis to go number one overall is largely due to the fact that in his time at Florida State he only ever lost one game he also won the Heisman trophy in 2013 which is a very important trophy to win in college football. Jameis signed a four year deal with the Buccaneers worth twenty five million three hundred and fifty thousand dollar deal.


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